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100 Free Chibis ! - SLOTS FILLED

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 2, 2014, 5:25 PM

Posting all of the finished chibis here !

7/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi8/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi6/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi5/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi3/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi2/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi1/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi


Thank you all so much for commenting !! 
Didn't think I would fill up the slots this fast. I currently have all my chibis picked out and ready to draw.

I'm sorry for those who were too late to join, but I hope to do this again in the future. 


Hey guys like I said previously I was going to limit my RLC in the upcoming year of 2015 to help myself improve and find a style that suits me and that I'm comfortable with. I actually stumbled across a couple of journals that were giving away 100 free chibis ! And I thought what the hell sounds like a great idea. I have subjects to practice on, you guys get free art, and I have something to preoccupy myself from not until next year ! 

This will obviously take awhile to complete but I'm extremely determined. 
All chibis are experimental meaning they might not all look the same.
I'm still playing around with what style is best.

Each chibi will be lined and colored !

If you would like to participate 
Please comment in this journal !
If you have advertised or shared the journal, please also provide links as proof so you may receive your extra chibis.

Remember to include character references !


  • 1 chibi per person. 
    No animals, anthro and furries are okay
    You do not have to be a watcher
    No group pictures or couples. All chibis must be singles
    Please do not rush me these will take time

To Qualify for Extra Chibis

Just to spread the word about this to people who do not watch me
Max amount of chibis per person with sharing is : 4 chibis!
  • Post a Journal about this. +2 chibis
    Make a Poll about this +1 chibi



:iconelissinia: finished
:iconxipeu: finished
:iconsakuragx4nina: 1/4 chibis
:iconfuhiwa: 3 chibis
:iconmyaoh: 1 chibi
:iconkuimei: 1 chibi
:iconyurimilk: 3 chibis
:iconpookiiee: 3 chibis
:iconmissdoodlegirl: 4 chibis
:iconjyleflower: 1 chibi
:iconjuliet-san: 2 chibis
:iconbonsquishy: 1 chibi
:iconmiss-it-girl: 1 chibi
:icongrayoblivion: 2 chibis
:iconlolitakagamine: 1 chibi
:iconmiyuki-ls: 3 chibis
:iconoiimi: 1 chibi
:iconmasaomicchi: 2 chibis
:iconpeppermintrain: 1 chibi
:iconxtoxicxthexkittenx: 3 chibis
:iconstalkinyou: 1 chibi
:iconsailorstarchild: 3 chibis
:iconthe0d0r: 1 chibi
:iconlilithsinclair: - chibi
:iconmochisweetredbean: 1 chibi
:iconzirabutt: 2 chibis
:iconidoodlechibis: 1 chibi
:iconricketti: 3 chibis
:iconluciddreams18: 2 chibis
:iconcurryr1ce: 1 chibi
:iconlululencia: 1 chibi
:iconcaseykinz: 1 chibi
:iconsassily: 3 chibis
:iconirisprism: 2 chibi
:iconcatcher-of-dreamsx: 1 chibi
:iconsleepypandie: 1 chibi
:iconblackkusagi: 1 chibi
:iconseaspeckle: 1 chibi
:iconfusukimiko: 1 chibi
:iconfantomte: 3 chibis
:iconsikutor: 1 chibi
:iconx-blueberryheart-x: 1 chibi
:iconnikkotrinity: 1 chibi
:iconcocoashes: 1 chibi
:iconchosaguro: 3 chibis
:icondraemt: 4 chibis
:iconbannabutt-angel-14: 1 chibi
:iconspring-daze: 1 chibi
:iconshygreenyoshi: 3 chibis
:iconnoona53: 1 chibi
:iconkotori-tan: 1 chibi
:iconsybertardis: 2 chibis
:iconinlinverst: 1 chibi
:iconpyosu: 1 chibi
:icongrossgoat: 3 chibis
:iconw-ii: 1 chibi
:iconmyeternalnight: 1 chibi
:iconshastadog001: 1 chibi
:iconivory-ice: 1 chibi
:icongreenisthelight: 1 chibi
:iconspiritclaw123: 1 chibi
:iconmidnightpremiere: 1 chibi
:iconshatishamararie: 1 chibi
:iconscarletandlunarcool: 1 chibi
:icon911ape: 1 chibi
:iconsugarfox-thegreat: 2 chibis
:iconpuccafan0101: 1 chibi
:iconjmaeflowers: 1 chibi
:iconconfetticandie: 1 chibi
:iconkayzieraichu: 3 chibis
:iconethlenrain: 1 chibi

8/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi
8/100 Chibi Challenge
Heres another chibi I've been working on for awhile and just been too lazy to finish coloring haha .

Character Art © CharmChi
Character © Owlion

7/100 Chibi Challenge by CharmChi
7/100 Chibi Challenge
Haven't drawn in so long, have a bunch of chibis sketched out for gaiaonline and dA requests. Here is my 7th chibi for my 100 free chibi challenge !

Character Art © CharmChi
Character © MystMist


Streaming ArcheAge !

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 24, 2014, 7:17 PM
So my boyfriend and I play archeage religiously. If you dont know what it is, its a brand new sandbox MMO that just came out. I highly recommend it , i enjoy it a lot even with the launch issues it endured. 

Anyways he is streaming some pvp, so if you're into that sort of thing come watch him !

Clowst Auction : OPEN by CharmChi
Clowst Auction : OPEN
Hey guys in honor of halloween I have been working on a new species of ghost adoptables. They are really a work in progress right now in regards to story and such. But basically they are little ghost/demon/guardians. All of them have there own familiar which transforms into their weapons, all weapons are weapons of the elements. Clowst most resemble children in the essence that they are very childish and mischievous. They tend to skip out on their duties and mess around. Clowst are relatively small compared to humans, averaging to around 2-3 feet tall. Guardian clowst usually have softer palettes then demon clowst. You will be seeing more of these very soon !. 

Please do not make a Clowst of your own, for now they will be a closed species. 
However I will open them up once I have everything settled.

Auction End :  October 1st 7PM EST

Wind Clowst

Starting Bid :  $5.00/500 pointsz 
Highest Bid :  maidoe 600 points
Autobuy :  N/A 

Character Design, art © CharmChi
Character © n/a

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